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Asthma, Emphysema and Bronchitis

"As a Spinal Specialist, my purpose is to provide care to the affected individual rather than the disease." Dr. Christian Farthing, Ideal Spine Centre.

To the casual observer, what we are claiming may sound a step too far. However, as far ago as 1921, there has been research that shows that where people have had respiratory diseases, there have been associated spinal abnormalities. This is not a casual link; in fact Dr. Henry Winsor performed 70 autopsies on people with respiratory diseases and found that all 70 of them had associated spinal abnormalities . In 1983, Alan Stoddard, Consultant in charge of the Department of Physical Medicine at Brooke Hospital, London wrote "in asthma, the mechanical factor [i.e. spinal subluxations] may be so important that until the mechanics [i.e. the distortions to the spine] are put right the symptoms will persist."

In spite of this evidence, modern medicine can provide no cure for Asthma, Bronchitis and Emphysema. Instead, the medical profession turns to prescription drugs whose side effects cause damage to the body rather than being of long term benefit to the individual. Hidden in the small print available with the medication are a list of possible problems and complications for the person to look forward to. In many cases these peoples' immune systems are already worn down by the illness they are suffering, and so the likelihood of potential side effects is perhaps elevated.

Of course, for those whose lifestyle, i.e. smoking or environment (working or other) has caused the illness to the lungs, then the best advice is to change behaviour and environment. But very often this is not enough. Wellness needs to be promoted to reduce or remove nerve interference to the body as a whole, including to the respiratory system. To allow the bronchioles and the lungs as a whole to work and allow the individual to heal and repair themselves via the body's innate healing system, the interference must first be removed. The Ideal Spine Centre believes that by the correction of spinal problems (vertebral subluxations) that the bodies own ability to perform and repair is enhanced. Allowing the immune system to work at its optimum, in time, the need for the short term usage of medication with its damaging side effects, can be reduced or even to be withdrawn with proper medical supervision.

For the Asthmatic who receives proper spinal care there is the possibility of a better life ahead of them free of prescription drugs. For children especially, a future of endless inhalers is a daunting prospect. However, at the Ideal Spine Centre, we have witnessed many patients, including children experience the difference that spinal care can have upon them. In many individuals, medication is slowly withdrawn as they no longer have a need for them, their symptoms subside and their respiratory system performs better as the body's innate healing system heals itself, all due to better improved nerve flow and better all-round wellness of the individual. When the evidence is so overwhelmingly in favour of proper spinal care, the question we ask ourselves continually at the Ideal Spine Centre is why aren't more people receiving spinal care, rather than taking medication that is possibly harmful to them in the long term? Now it's your turn to ask the question? When was your last spine and subluxation check-up

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