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Dr. Christian Comes Clean

Chiropractic has been part of my life since I could remember. As a little boy, becoming a chiropractor was always a dream. I always wanted to help people. What I never realized was chiropractic has grown to be the largest drugless profession in the world. I also didn't realize how unhealthy we were becoming as a population, with the 3 rd leading cause of preventable death in the UK being medical error.

Since opening the Ideal Spine Centre in October 2003, it has been my mission to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through modern natural spinal health care. Simply, if we start from "Ground Zero" with children, we can make sure that our future generations won't suffer like our last.

Please read our patients experiences. Those who stick to the program and follow our best recommendations predictably do well, and not just get well, but stay well.


To the point

In the last few months I've had several patients ask me what kind of patients I like to see. Some have even asked what kinds of conditions I see that respond the fastest. While this might sound like a simple question, I have to honestly say that I love seeing all kinds of patients with all kinds of complaints and conditions.

But, to be more specific, I'd have to say that I really enjoy taking care of children. Children are so dynamic and heal so quickly and are genuinely fun to adjust. When entire families come in for care, the children are usually racing to get to the table to be adjusted first. Kids are tuned into what's good for them and they know they feel better after they get adjusted. Parents are usually thrilled to see that their children are better behaved, are sick less and rarely, if ever, suffer from ear infections, tonsillitis, headaches and any other conditions common amongst most children.

In children, the most common issues that I see are headaches, ear infections, bed wetting and scoliosis. Yes, children get headaches too and they respond much faster than adults. As for ear infections, it's very rare for a "well-adjusted" child to ever get one. If a child is getting adjusted, they will be last to get tonsillitis because their immune system is stronger. For bed wetting, it is an amazing relief for the whole family when the sheets don't have to be changed every day. With scoliosis (and for virtually ever other condition), the sooner a child is cared for, the better. The sooner a scoliosis is detected and worked with, the faster the results and the lower the chances of a disfiguring life-long condition.

Imagine if you played as hard, fell as often, wrestled as much and got in as many pillow fights! It amazes me that children can hold a spinal adjustment in the first place with all the frequent micro-trauma they sustain on such a regular basis. The fact is, children do hold their adjustments and they usually hold much better than adults. Once a child has spinal stability (holds their adjustments well), I recommend that they be checked for nerve interference (nerve pressure) on a fortnightly or monthly basis, or sooner if problems begin or a new trauma occurs.

Just think how your body would respond if you fell onto your bottom and hips regularly? You would probably be bed ridden for days. A child can fall up to an average 1,500 times when learning to walk. What do you think happens to them? They get up, maybe after crying, and get on with it. Unfortunately for many children, this may be the first instance for developing misalignment of the spine. Just like a child may not feel the impact of the fall like an adult might, a child can have misalignment without even feeling it. These misalignments are called Vertebral Subluxation. This misalignment then causes nerve interference and weakness inside their body, leading to reduced immunity, poor concentration, impaired development and all kinds of conditions.

In the process of passing through the birth canal, infants experience 75-pounds per square inch of pressure on their delicate skulls. Compounding this problem is the standard obstetrical procedure of pulling and twisting their fragile, weak and undeveloped neck during the birth process.

Imagine being yanked out of the canal with forceps or being tugged out with vacuum extraction, or worse.imagine both procedures being used on the same child - this is a common occurrence. C-sections aren't the answer either - this is even more traumatic for both the mother and infant and currently, our national C-section rate is 25% and rising (1 in 4 children). At the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury, the rate of C-section deliveries was as high as 35%. Yes, 1 in 3 children being exposed to a trauma in their first hour of life. What does this do to their future development and growth and ultimately their health potential?

As for injuries sustained during the birth process, there are several autopsy studies on infants, which show tearing of spinal nerve roots, tearing of the spinal cord's protective covering (dura mater) and bleeding around the brain stem (medulla oblongata). Needless to say, they were not born that way; those injuries were brought on by the gross over-use of pulling and twisting. Unfortunately, many of the parents are told the child was "still-born" or later succumbed to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

And so, I have to say that without a doubt, caring for children is the most rewarding service I can perform. To provide the same care I received as a child and to grow up drug free and healthy is an awesome feeling.

As more doctors, pharmacists and other health care professions bring themselves and their families in for a check-up, you can see how this grass roots movement will change the face of health care in our community. It is most humbling for a medical doctor to bring in his or her spouse. But if it's good enough for them, it is good enough for you! Once you realize that chiropractic and spinal health care can have such far-reaching implications in a child's life-long development, you will make sure your child never goes without a check-up.

Common questions I get:

  • When was my first check-up? My first spine and subluxation check-up was when I was 6 months old. I have had my spine checked ever since then and have been raised drug-free.
  • When should be the first check- up? Straight after birth. As soon as you can take your child to see your Spinal Specialist or Chiropractor or. I have helped deliver children and so check the baby immediately. This is obviously best.
  • Do children need chiropractic or spinal health care? Absolutely!
  • Do all children need to be adjusted? No. Not if they are free of vertebral subluxation and their spine is stable.
  • How many children have subluxation? Many. In fact studies demonstrate that 75% of newborn children have signs of misalignment of the spine (Vertebral Subluxation). Imagine, if 1 in 3 children have C-sections deliveries, in addition to the newborn children who have forceps, suction and manual force during birth, you can see why vertebral subluxation is so common in children. Even more importantly, you can now see why it is so important to have your children checked at a young age.
  • Should all children be checked by a chiropractor or Spinal Specialist? Yes.
  • Are the adjusting procedures different for children? Yes, they are very gentle adjustments that are modified for the child's age and size. For babies and infants, most adjustments are performed with fingertip pressure.
  • Have I been specially trained to care for infants and children? Yes. In addition to all of the graduate obstetrical and pediatric training I've had, I have completed post-graduate training with Clinical Biomechanics and Posture and attained a fellowship with CBP (FCBP). I have also qualified as an Osteomyologist. Having had chiropractic care since I was a child, and more importantly been raised drug-free, I am committed to helping every parent learn the success strategies for rasing their children without any medication or intervention also.

    The problem is, most parents have been conditioned to think giving their children a pill every time they are ill is normal... well it it ISN'T! For example, there was a study released in 2009 that revealed that if you gave your child one dose of Calpol in 30 days, it is considered HIGH DOSE. Calpol has been given to children like sweets in the past. Now we are finding out the truth.

    Therefore it is my purpose to educate parents about a different choice... a better and drug free choice to helping their children.

Background Information

After practicing as a Chiropractor in Australia and in the United Kingdom, I now practice as a Spinal Specialist in Canterbury, Kent. The Ideal Spine Centre opened in October 2003. I am blessed to take care of many individuals, couples and families.

I knew, as a country, we were sicker than we were twenty years ago, with a greater number of named diseases, more chronic suffering and increased hospitalizations, drug-intake at a record high and the list goes on. But when I opened my doors in 2003, I didn't realize how bad the current situation actually was in my own city, Canterbury and Kent.

The United Kingdom was and still is so far behind the rest of the world in relation to chiropractic, spinal health care and the overall health care system. In fact, legislation for chiropractic only started in 2000. Before then, anyone could have called themselves a Chiropractor. Crazy!? I am a Chiropractor in Australia, but due to the narrow scope of the chiropractic profession in the UK and my extended studies, I now practice as a Spinal Specialist. This means, instead of just patching you up, we look to correct your problem.

A Little About the Doctor

When I was 6 months old, my mum was attending a chiropractor at the time. In fact, mum understood wellness before it became public knowledge. Her chiropractor educated her well and my mother was always interested in how to be healthier and raise all five children drug-free.

As a child, when I attended the chiropractors, I always had fun. I admired him and how much he helped people. He was amazing with babies and children. They may have cried coming into his office, but they always left sleeping or smiling.

I enjoyed watching him work so much that at the early age of just 5 years old, I remember telling my school teacher that "when I grow up, I want to be a chiropractor". She looked at me weirdly at the time, but saw I had such enthusiasm, always encouraged me to follow my dream.

So, at 18 years old, I headed off to university and attained a double degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic. I was awarded with all kinds of things for my achievements. But that wasn't enough. I just wanted to get into practice and start helping more people.

Years down the track, I now find myself in an extremely busy practice in Blean, near Canterbury. I created the Ideal Spine Centre as a special practice with a difference. I am so fortunate and blessed that I can perform the same service I received as a child to hundreds of children every year and ultimately thousands of kids over my lifetime.

Even though I am a Chiropractor in Australia, I practice as a Spinal Specialist in the United Kingdom. Chiropractic will always be something I love sharing with others. Many of my patients also share their breakthroughs and results with others, to ultimately help more people. This creates a healthier community, and ultimately a healthier planet.

So, I have to say that without a doubt, caring for children is the most rewarding service I can perform. To realize that chiropractic can have such far-reaching implications in a child's life-long development is an awesome feeling.



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"Start your journey to optimal health with the Family Wellness Care Plan from the Canterbury Spine and Health Practice". Call us today on 01227 789 977


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